The benefits of Absolute HEPA filters

The City Range is equipped with the most efficient Absolute™ HEPA particulate and molecular filters on the market. They deliver a healthier indoor environment at your workplace by effectively removing dust, contaminants and harmful particles. The Absolute™ HEPA filter used is so efficient that air would have to pass through an average ventilation system three times to achieve the same level of purification.

Reasons to Choose Camfil Absolute HEPA Filters

  1. Every filter is rigorously tested
  • Camfil Absolute filters bring the stringent demands of Cleanroom filtration to our Air Cleaner range ensuring that the air is cleaned to the highest standard
  1. Construction is key
  • All Camfil Absolute filters are made from carefully selected raw materials and constructed to the highest standards
  1. Guaranteed performance
  • As all Absolute filters are rigorously tested you can be guaranteed your air quality will be improved significantly.

A comparison with another brand’s product showed that our filter-package is up to 14 times heavier than theirs. This means that we offer a much higher capacity to retain dust and particles without compromising on the ability to let the air pass through the filter. The larger the surface of an air filter, the more particles it can hold. It also means that the ability to let air through, without the filter getting clogged up, will be maintained for a longer period of time – and less energy will be consumed. By choosing CITY M Air Purifier, you get two large filter packages that will deliver consistent performance and a high level of efficiency throughout its lifetime. It will also be more sustainable and greener than most other solutions.

Absolute™ is a HEPA filter with no compromises. Anything else would be unthinkable, since its job is to protect people. But it is also responsible for protecting sensitive processes, where dangerous particles cannot be permitted to enter the air. You can trust Absolute™ HEPA in the most demanding environment, places where products like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics are manufactured. The Absolute™ HEPA filters have been developed in our own research lab in Sweden. Every filter is thoroughly tested and inspected before we deliver the best filters on the market to you.


Airborne molecules may be categorised according to their impact on humans and our world. Responsibility for smell or odour is perhaps the most obvious. Camfil operates the industry-leading molecular filtration test laboratory in our Technical Centre located in Trosa, Sweden. In this unique facility, molecular filters and filtration medias can be challenged with a huge range of molecules under application in real conditions and their performance monitored using extremely sensitive gas detectors. Camfil is very well equipped and staffed to meet future molecular filtration challenges.

Camfil air purifiers have the application to use a full range of different molecular filters to deal with the range of different molecules that are present in your workplace. The main target for Camfil Molecular filters include

  • Sulpher Dioxide (SO2)
  • Nithrogen Oxide (Nox)
  • Formaldehyde (CH2O
  • Ammonia (NH3)

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