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The CamCleaner range of patented commercial and industrial air cleaners provide the most efficient HEPA filters on the market. They are designed to work as a supplement to your existing ventilation system and give you reduced energy costs, more efficient production and a healthier work environment with less dust and fewer harmful particles. Email us here to find out how CamCleaner can make the air in your Workplace feel easier to breathe.

Commercial Air Cleaners / Air Purifiers

Camfil air cleaners and air purifiers for use in spaces such as hospitals, offices, schools and public places.

The CamCleaner range of ”plug and play” air cleaners are easy to use, lightweight and within just a few hours, reduce one million hazardous particles per cubic meter.

Industrial Air Cleaners

Camfil air cleaners for industrial and process applications are equipped with the most efficient Absolute™ HEPA filter. The product range for indoor air excellence have been developed to suit all applications and are available in a variety of sizes. These units are designed for use within warehouses, manufacturing and other industrial applications.

air cleaner products air cleaner products air cleaner products air cleaner products
CamCleaner 300 Concealed CamCleaner 800 CamCleaner 2000 CamCleaner 6000
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Click on the air cleaner products above to find out more information. If you are unsure which product would suit your application, call the team on 0044 (0)1706 238000 or email: and someone will come back to you shortly.

Why choose Camfil Air Purifiers:


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Camfil UK offers air quality tests to UK workplaces


People often ask us if the air they breathe is safe. So we made a video to explain. There’s no cost, no obligation, just 1 minute of your time. Watch the video here.

Here’s a few questions for you:

  1. How clean is the air in your workplace?
  2. Do you suffer from sickness and headaches at work?
  3. Do you suffer from hayfever and allergies at work?
  4. How polluted is the air outside your office?
  5. Is your workplace in a pollution hotspot?
  6. Did you know we spend 90% of time indoors?
  7. Did you know that the air quality indoors is often worse than outdoors?

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Use air filters and an air purifier to clean the air in your gym


When you exercise, you breathe in a bigger volume of air – which also means that you inhale a larger number of unhealthy particles in outdoor or indoor air. When you rest, you normally take 12-15 breaths per minute. One breath consists of around half a litre of air. During exercise, your intake of air rises from 6-7 litres per minute to up to 100-120 litres per minute.

Exercising outdoors, walking, running, playing tennis or performing some other outdoor training activity, means you have much less control over the air you breathe. If you live in a pollution hotspot you should avoid exercising near roads where the traffic is heavy.  The requirements for creating a healthy indoor environment will vary, depending on where you live.  Indoor air pollution can exceed acceptable levels for fine particles a hundredfold. When particles and other substances pass into indoor air, they combine in new ways with the substances and particles already present inside buildings. These combinations can be much more aggressive and, therefore, more harmful to us.

High-quality filters in a building’s ventilation system can filter and eliminate a significant proportion of the airborne particles originating from outdoors. And an air purifier can be used to remove pollutants from indoor sources. If these measures are taken, the indoor air quality (IAQ) can be improved considerably, even in places where the outdoor air is heavily polluted. Continue reading

Vote for Camfil HVAC air filter Hi Flo F7 50+ – 3 days left!


As you know, our Hi Flo F7 50+ The world’s most energy efficient HVAC air filter has been nominated for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2016.

Only 3 days left to vote for us in the 2016 Tomorrow’s FM Awards

Please click here and vote for Camfil’s Hi Flo F7 50+ on Page 13.

We are still offering a free energy opportunity assessment survey of your Air Handling Units, which will evaluate your potential energy savings from using our new A+ products. Continue reading