Camfil UK offers air quality tests to UK workplaces


People often ask us if the air they breathe is safe. So we made a video to explain. There’s no cost, no obligation, just 1 minute of your time. Watch the video here.

Here’s a few questions for you:

  1. How clean is the air in your workplace?
  2. Do you suffer from sickness and headaches at work?
  3. Do you suffer from hayfever and allergies at work?
  4. How polluted is the air outside your office?
  5. Is your workplace in a pollution hotspot?
  6. Did you know we spend 90% of time indoors?
  7. Did you know that the air quality indoors is often worse than outdoors?

Don’t know the answers? – hey, that’s ok, you aren’t alone!  Let us show you!

Let us come to you and analyse the quality of your air.  Register here.

Camfil Air

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