Use air filters and an air purifier to clean the air in your gym


When you exercise, you breathe in a bigger volume of air – which also means that you inhale a larger number of unhealthy particles in outdoor or indoor air. When you rest, you normally take 12-15 breaths per minute. One breath consists of around half a litre of air. During exercise, your intake of air rises from 6-7 litres per minute to up to 100-120 litres per minute.

Exercising outdoors, walking, running, playing tennis or performing some other outdoor training activity, means you have much less control over the air you breathe. If you live in a pollution hotspot you should avoid exercising near roads where the traffic is heavy.  The requirements for creating a healthy indoor environment will vary, depending on where you live.  Indoor air pollution can exceed acceptable levels for fine particles a hundredfold. When particles and other substances pass into indoor air, they combine in new ways with the substances and particles already present inside buildings. These combinations can be much more aggressive and, therefore, more harmful to us.

High-quality filters in a building’s ventilation system can filter and eliminate a significant proportion of the airborne particles originating from outdoors. And an air purifier can be used to remove pollutants from indoor sources. If these measures are taken, the indoor air quality (IAQ) can be improved considerably, even in places where the outdoor air is heavily polluted. Continue reading

Hotel managers – What if you could offer rooms with pure air?

Many high-end hotels throughout the UK are situated in busy, central locations and can be prone to a broad range of airborne contaminants entering the building, which affects the quality of the indoor air within the hotel and throughout the rooms.

hotel air cleaners

More than 30% of people suffer from allergies and 10% from asthma. Dust, pollen, volatile organic compounds and animal allergens are just some of the causes of symptoms that range from troublesome to serious. Camfil manufacture and supply a range of mobile air cleaners to remove contaminants and harmful particles from the air.

The Camfil team work with building managers across the hospitality sector to provide clean air solutions to purify the air whilst removing harmful particles and allergens.

clean air in hotelsThe City M air cleaner purifies the air in rooms of up to 75m2.

It can also easily be installed in conference rooms and fitness areas to keep the air clean and give guests a feeling of well-being.



With the City M, Hotel Managers can offer a new service which will really make a difference! Continue reading