Why improving Indoor air quality is important: IAQ Quick Facts

Outdoor air pollution infiltrates into buildings. Without appropriate ventilation, it accumulates and can even react with other indoor air pollutants.

Indoor air pollution is made of outdoor air pollutants, including heating and traffic particles and gases that infiltrate into our buildings as well as chemicals emissions from building materials, furniture, electronics and office appliances off-gasing, cleaning products, air fresheners, combustion particles from heating, cooking and candles, pets allergens, …
Indoor Air Quality Facts
Health impact of air pollution

Air pollution, both outdoors and Indoors, impact on health results from acute or chronicle exposure. It causes or aggravates eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, respiratory diseases or asthma, impairs lung function and children lung development.

Recent research confirmed PM and O3 can cause cardiovascular diseases. PM can cause lung cancer and impact endocrine system and brain function and development1.

  • Living near busy roads is responsible of 15 to 30% of all asthma and respiratory diseases3
  • WHO confirmed in 2013 diesel engines exhausts cause cancer4
  • 450 000 Europeans die prematurely from health impact of air pollution6
  • European population loses close to 9 months life expectancy on average due to health impact of air pollution

To find out more about Indoor Air Quality, download our handy IAQ Quick Facts document here.

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