Testing your Indoor Air Quality


Clean Indoor Air Quality is increasingly recognised as a key requirement if people are going to lead healthy and productive working lives inside buildings.

The problem is that when protecting people living and working in cities it is necessary to know if they are exposed to any indoor sourced airborne contaminants that could be make them feel ill. These contaminants are given off typically by paints, building materials, furnishings, carpets, printers, copiers and cleaning fluids. Frequently these indoor sourced contaminants are linked to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

This is where the Camfil CityCheck kit can be used to confirm that indoor air is free from 39 different commonly found indoor sourced air contaminants.

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All that is needed from the person making the test is to expose two test sensors for a period of one week in the location being tested. The exposed sensors are then posted in the envelope provided back to the laboratory for analysis along with the location details form.

 City Check Data Sheet  City Check – Sample Report
 Data sheet  Report

The results gained from the two IAQ kit test sensors are published in a detailed report that identifies any problem gas phase contaminants in the form of a graduated table.

The report also provides a listing of detailed information about the individual Volatile Organic Compound or Aldehyde concentrations and typical sources. For a very modest cost the CityCheck kit can be used and the report generated that will demonstrate action showing a duty of care by an employer or landlord to their employees or tenants. The report will also enable an informed decision to be taken should further measures be needed to deliver clean Indoor Air Quality in the building.

If a building becomes known for having IAQ/SBS problems it can reduce the rental value of the building as it becomes less attractive to prospective tenants. This makes it an important issue to property owners and their contracted building facility managers. Measures to improve IAQ can include consideration for improvement of main HVAC system air filters where possible but alternatively also can include use of standalone air purifiers to filter out these noxious gas phase contaminants.

The advantage of the standalone system is that it is quick and easy to implement and often inexpensive when compared to alternative solutions. Camfil air purifiers can also be used in buildings without any existing ventilation system. The CityCheck is an easy to use IAQ diagnostic tool that does not require special training but provides a broad based informative report. It forms part of an overall Camfil strategy to ensure buildings service engineers can improve indoor air quality and reduce running costs.

City check kit

To find out more about the air quality in your environment or to arrange for the Camfil team to conduct an IAQ test at your workplace, call the team on 0044 (0)1706 238000 or email: uk.filtersales@camfil.com

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