Industrial Facilities – Manufacturing Air Cleaners

Camfil supply a range of industrial air cleaners for manufacturing industries that are designed to suit a variety of applications including:

  • Welding shops
  • Aluminium fabrication
  • Printing facilities
  • Manufacturing warehouses
  • Furniture manufacturers and more
Some of the Camfil air cleaners suitable for the manufacturing and trade sectors:
 CamCleaner 2000  CamCleaner 6000
 manufacturing air cleaners  Manufacturing air cleaners

Camfil Air Cleaners have been used in an extensive range of applications.  No matter which sector you are in, there is a Camfil Air Cleaner to suit the space and improve the air quality which increases productivity and reduces the harmful particles that affect the health of your workforce.

Project examples of air cleaners for manufacturing sector:
 Air cleaners in welding workshop  VOC and harmful dust removal
 manufacturing air cleaners  Micro Mechanic

To discuss your requirements or to find out which manufacturing air cleaners would be suitable for your application, contact the team on 0044 (0)1706 238000 or email:

To find out more about our air cleaners for use in manufacturing plant, download our latest case study here.