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The City M Air Purifier

Camfil City M  – Features/Benefits:

  • Combination Absolute Hepa/Molecular Filters
  • Removal of unwanted smells
  • Reduces harmful gases including Formaldehyde and NO2
  • Reduces Allergies such as Hayfever and Pet/Dust allergies
  • Healthier Employees
  • Low Energy costs
  • Reduced environmental impact

CITY SApplications: City M Air Purifier for all types of indoor environments upto 75m2

  • Power supply: 200 .. 240 V
  • Filter: H13/Molecular
  • Installation: Floor
  • Design: White, Black
  • Average Air purification area: 75m2

Download the CamCleaner CITY M user manual here:

Data and product specifications for the CamCleaner City M:

CamCleaner City M

Applications: Air purifiers for all types of indoor environments, for example hospitals, hotels,
offices, homes, schools, public environments and where high quality air purification is required.
Power supply: 200 .. 240 V
Filter: H13/Molecular
Installation: Floor
Design: Multiple colour
Average Air purification area: 75m2

Download the CamCleaner City M Data sheet here.


To find out more about the CamCleaner City M, call the team on 0044 (0)1706 238000 or email: uk.filtersales@camfil.com


City M figures


Download the CamCleaner CITY M user manual here:

Before using your high quality air purifier, it is important that you, as the user:

1) read this User Manual;

2) read the fan instructions; and

3) follow the safety instructions in both documents.


Technical Specifications:

External dimensions, vertical model
Height: 703 mm
Width: 329 mm
Depth: 338 mm
Weight: 16 kg (including new filters)
Filter weight: 4.3 kg (2 filters are needed)


The air purifier is used to clean indoor air by mechanically filtering, through highly efficient filters. Development of the system is primary for expert users and installation companies for offices, hospitals and schools.

Safety Instructions:

Read the technical manual and follow the instructions.
The machine’s power supply has to be disconnected during installation, servicing, maintenance and filter replacement.
CAUTION: Pull out the electrical connector or use the safety switch when working on the product.
The machine is not to be regarded as de-energised until 5 minutes after disconnection from the power supply.
Rotating parts do not stop immediately once power has been cut or the machine has been switched off. Allow 5 minutes to
elapse before handling the cabinet.


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