industrial air cleanersCamfil’s CamCleaner™ range of mobile, stationary and standalone air cleaners are used to compliment existing ventilation systems in industry, offices and homes.

The range includes:

  • CamCleaner 300 air purification for spaces up to 25m2
  • CamCleaner 800 air purification for spaces up to 65m2
  • CamCleaner City M air purification for spaces up to 75m2
  • CamCleaner 2000 air purification for spaces up to 200m2
  • CamCleaner 6000 air purification for spaces up to 1000m2

When the air is free from particles and dust, products are protected and therefore waste levels reduced. Parts of the premises that are difficult to clean are kept clean for longer and the cleaning frequency may be reduced by up to 50 per cent.

Camfil’s air cleaners have been developed to suit all applications and are available in a variety of sizes. Each CamCleaner™ has the capacity to clean the air within a designated space from small office environments to large industrial spaces.

There is a CamCleaner to suit any space whether the application is industrial or domestic. We have a number of case studies to highlight the range of applications that have benefited from the introduction of a Camfil air cleaner.

Sectors include:

To find out which CamCleaner would be suitable to clean the air in your particular scenario, call the team on 0044 (0)1706 238000 or email: